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Ich freue mich, Sie an Ihrem schnsten Tag ganz entspannt zu begleiten, mit Ihnen zusammen die vielen wundervollen Momente zu geniessen und diese fotografisch festzuhalten. Mein Angebot umfasst alles von der kurzen Foto-Session bis zur mehrtgigen Hochzeits-Dokumentation. Angebot und Preise richten sich nach Ihren Bedrfnissen.

About Me

Robin HeizmannI love weddings!

And, what’s more, my own wedding was lovely, even though the fact that it took place in pre-digital times is quite obvious in the photos…

But back to the present: I’d love to share your greatest day with you, enjoy all of your wonderful moments and capture them for you to savour time and again. As a serene guest among your guests, I document your wedding from an insider’s perspective without my cameras being perceived as an interfering element.

This particular approach of mine remains unchanged, even when your wedding takes place in a different cultural setting – what with one of the focal points of my work as a photographer being the respectful portraying of people from all religious and cultural backgrounds. Should need be, my wife and I would also be happy to document your wedding together, in accordance with the formula “Two for Two”.

I work with a number of selected professionals, who are happy to be at your service, if need be:

Alice Authoring Art, Authoring & Texts in AAA-Quality
Victor Lendof, Fashion Consultant, Stylist
Debbie Schär, Dipl. Visagist, Stylist, Nail-Designer
Nina Tatavitto, Make-up Artist, Hair-Stylist
Nicole Senn, Make-Up Artist, Optician


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